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SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller

Our 3rd Generation Master Controller Software for SCADA, Capacitor Control (VOLT/VAR Management), Load Management (Demand Response) and Automated Meter Reading (AMI)

SmartMaster SCADA Master Controller

SmartMaster SCADA Master Controller


The SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller is an extremely powerful yet user-friendly SCADA Master Controller designed to provide complete remote and local operational control of Electric, Gas and Water Utilities. Originally designed for Municipals, Cooperatives and Public Power Districts, the 3rd Generation SmartMaster™ enjoys a wide deployment due to its wide ranging capability, modular configuration, ease of use and reasonable cost. The SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller is designed to run on any standard PC using the Windows® operating system. SmartMasterTM is based on the Microsoft® SQL 2012 Server, a full size, industrial strength SQL database management system system. Its maximum database size of over 500 petabytes provides an essentially infinite database size for large data and event log archives. SmartMaster™ is a distributed SCADA system, in that it can run on one computer, or several machines when managing larger systems.

 Download the SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller Product Brief Here

SmartMaster™ Features

  • Fully programmable data acquisition and control logic via built in T-SQL compiler.
  • Interactive one line diagrams.
  • Event notifications via electronic mail and SMS (cell phone) messages. Multiple channels can be used for redundancy.
  • Accessible from anywhere – local machine, any local area network workstation, or any computer on the internet.

Application Specific Modules For...

  • Automated Capacitor Control
  • Automated Load Management
  • Automated Meter Reading

SmartMaster™ Accessories

In addition to the various real time screens that the user interface offers, SmartMaster™ offers several integrated and stand-alone programs for system operation, control, and monitoring:

  • Database Editor – used for system parameter viewing, modification, printing and exporting.
  • Event Viewer – used for real time viewing searching, printing, exporting, and management of system events and alarms.
  • Data Viewer – used for real time viewing searching, printing, and exporting of recorded data. Real time trending screens can be set up for any input or output defined in the database.

SmartMaster™ Reporting

A special server component is dedicated to management, definition, generation, and dispatching of reports. Management can be done through SmartMasterTM user interface, or via a web browser.

Users can define custom reports with little or no programming. Reports can contain tables, various kinds of charts, plots, and gauges. They can be rendered in html, pdf, Excel, Word, etc.

Reports can be generated on command, or automatically on a scheduled basis.

Reports can be dispatched to selected lists of users via electronic mail on a one time, or subscription basis. In the latter case reports are sent out to mailing lists periodically as needed.

Security can be defined so users can access only reports that they are entitled to see.

SmartMaster™ Communications & Security

SmartMasterTM can communicate with devices on one communications channel, or as many channels as needed simultaneously. Popular communications protocols (DNP, MODBUS, IEC-61850) and legacy protocols are supported. Multiple protocols can run over the same channel. Communications can go over Ethernet or serial connections, or via any other medium when appropriate converters are used (e.g. radio, fiber optic cables, cellular modems, etc.).

SmartMasterTM security is implemented through Microsoft SQL 2012 Server. All of the latest encryption, authentication and authorization methods of the SQL server are utilized.

Click Here to Download the SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller Users Manual

Click Here to Download the SmartMaster™ SCADA Master Controller Administrators Manual

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