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The Telescada Hardware Accessories Product Catalog

Telescada designs, manufactures and supports a wide variety of application specific and general purpose control hardware products and systems. In this catalog you should find exactly what you need.

Hardware Accessories Catalog

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Modular Base Station
SCADA Radios


Telescada designs and assembles 25 - 150W UHF and VHF Base Station Radios for SCADA applications.

A low wattage digital radio like the Raveon M7 series is mated to a matching linear amplifier and primary power supply with battery back-up to create a cost effective solution for Base station Rx/Tx communications with remote devices.

Click Here for more information on Telescada Base Station Radios

CCU7C Multi-Protocol
Tone Modem

CCU7C Tone Modem

The Telescada CCU7C Communications Modem provides an interface between a Host (SCADA) computer system, and VHF/UHF FM base station transmitters used to communicate with legacy Capacitor Control, Load Management Radio Switches and/or Radio RTU'S.

 Communications between the SCADA computer and the CCU7C controller is via a serial ASCII RS232C communications link. The controller communicates with the radio switches via VHF/UHF FM transmitters, using an audio frequency shift keying (AFSK) method of modulation.

Protocols Supported
  • Telescada ARS
  • Fisher Pierce (Joslyn) - Status RTU, Pulse RTU, Single Tone, Two Tone, Digital, Test Tone and Smart Switches
  • Motorola - Digital and Two Tone Switches
  • GE REMS 100 - 101/102
  • Scientific Atlanta Digital
  • Comverge SA206

Get The Telescada CCU7C User's Manual Here

NIB-485 Network Isolation Board

Telescada NIB

 The Telescada NIB-485 makes connecting to, and isolating an RS-485 serial network quick and easy.

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Charge Controller


The Telescada TS-MPPT-1215 is a superior solar charge controller for 12VDC battery operated instruments that require solar charging. The TS-MPPT-1215 uses maximum power point tracking technology to maximize the amount of power harvested from the solar panel

The TS-MPPT-1215 feeds an optimum 13.8VDC to the battery, while protecting accessory instrumentation by capping the upper voltage at 14VDC

The TS-MPPT-1215 is rated for 2A Maximum @ 13.8VDC

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Telescada ES013-K-2
30W, 12V Solar Array


The MM200 bracket holds two 15 watt solar panels at an intercept angle of 55 degrees for maximum winter power harvest for your instrumentation


Wired in series the ES013-K-2 delivers 30W of power at 12VDC nominal

Click Here for more information on the Telescada ES013-K-2 Solar Array

6-12VDC Power Upconverter


Do you need to convert a 6VDC solar power system to 12VDC? We did, so we designed and built a high efficiency upconverter

Click Here for more information on the Telescada EP-018