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The Telescada NeXGen™ Capacitor Control

A modern, economical & wide ranging solution for wireless and local programmable Capacitor Control.


Electric Transmission & Distribution Solutions

Substation Monitoring & Control, Load Management / Demand Response, Capacitor Bank Monitoring & Control, Line Voltage Monitoring & Measurement, Recloser Control, Transformer Monitoring, Motor Operator Control.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software Solutions

Next Generation Distribution Management & Control (SCADA) Systems for Automated Load Management, Capacitor Control, AMI and More.


Telescada is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the design, development and production of robust and dependable monitoring and control (SCADA) software and instrumentation for Electric, Water and Natural Gas Utilities.

Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Solutions

District Regulator Monitoring Recording & Control, City Gate Station Monitoring & Control, Remote Valve Actuation & Control, Storage Field Pressure Monitoring,  Production Well Monitoring,  Cathodic Protection Rectifier Monitoring.

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                                                 Monitor, Alarm, Record, Communicate and Control

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Electric Transmission & Distribution

Substation Monitoring & Control,

Load Management / Demand Response,

Capacitor Bank Monitoring & Control

Line Voltage Monitoring & Measurement,

Recloser & Transformer Monitoring

Motor Operator Control




Gas Transmission & Distribution

District Regulator Pressure Monitoring

City Gate Station Monitoring & Control

Remote Valve Actuation & Control

Storage Field Pressure Monitoring

Production Well Monitoring

Cathodic Protection Rectifier Monitoring

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USA Made

Made In The USA

All Telescada instruments are designed, developed, manufactured and assembled with great care, quality and efficiency at our facilities in the United States of America.

NeXGen CCURX Capacitor Control Receiver


Wireless Capacitor Controller Receiver


The Telescada NeXGen™ CCURX With Integrated VHF Radio Recevier

Classic design, with contemporary functionality, the Telescada NeXGen CCURX Capacitor Control Expandable Radio Receiver is a powerful, flexible and expandable solution for wireless distributed
capacitor control. The NeXGen CCURX highly sensitive double superheterodyne VHF receiver allows the NeXGen CCURX to operate via classic broadcast AFSK radio tones.

When it’s time to go 2-Way, the NeXGen CCURX provides users with a core of 8 configurable analog and 4 digital status inputs for monitoring and a dedicated AC line voltage measurement input accurate to +/- 1% @ 117VAC. Plug in a 2-Way transceiver and the NeXGen CCURX communicates with distributed capacitor control SCADA programs via DNP3 or MODBUS protocolsols

A local maintenance port allows for direct interrogation and programming of the NeXGen™  CCU Series  using the NeXGen™ NGC Maintenance Utility Software. DNP3.0 standard communications protocol allows the NeXGen™  CCU Series to communicate with any modern SCADA system. The NeXGen™ CCU Series install quickly into standard 4 or 6 stab meter sockets, or a utility pole bracket, with multiple wiring options. Complete NeXGen™ CCU Series communications packages are available from Telescada.


Integrated VHF Receiver

High Sensitivity Double Superheterodyne
VHF Frequency Programmable
12.5KHz Narrowband
RSSI Indicator for Signal Strength

Legacy Protocol Support

TS-11 (Conforms to Fisher Pierce 11-Bit)
REMS 101
REMS 102
SA Digital
Autonomous Control Functions
Programmable Voltage Override
Programmable Temperature Override
Programmble Time of Day Override
Programmable Single Phase VAR Override

Analog Inputs

6 (six) 0-5VDC Analog Inputs
2 (two) 0-10VAC Analog Inputs
1 (one) Dedicated Single Phase AC Line Voltage Input
Data and Event Recording on Each Channel
Digital Inputs
4 (four) Optically Isolated Digital Inputs
Data and Event Recording on Each Channel
Capacitor Bank Control Relays
2 (two) Integrated Relays
 30A Amps Resistive @ 240VAC
Configurable TRIP/CLOSE Timing
Configurable Safety Timer
Configurable Manual CLOSE Delay Timer
Digital Counter with Data Recording
Expandable Communications
1 (one) Ethernet Port
1 (one) RS-232/RS-485 IED Communications Port
1 (one) USB Local Communications/Maintenance and Configuration Port
Local Controls & Feedback Indicators

High Brightness External RED/GREEN State LED                                        

High Brightness External Fault LED   

Local TRIP/CLOSE Pushbuttons        

Local SCADA Lock-Out Switch     

Optional Mechanical Counter

120VAC Input Supply
8 x 8 x 4 NEMA 4X Enclosure
4 or 6 Stab Socket or Pole Mount  Options

Expandable Protocol Support




ToneGen Tablet Transmitter

To complete the  NeXGen CCURX Capacitor Control System Telescada has reinvented the handheld test transmitter for field and bench testing of AFSK control recevier instruments

The ToneGen Tablet Transmitter is a compact VHF transmitter with an integrated bluetooth transceiver. The ABS dock for the ToneGen Tablet Transmitter is designed to accomodate a standard 10" Tablet computer.

 ToneGen is a Windows based test program designed to run on any Windows based PC, Laptop or Tablet. A clean and simple graphic interface allows field technicians to quickly communicate with and test the NeXGen CCURX Capacitor Control

ToneGen TS-11 
ToneGen for TS-11 Bit Protocol Testing
ToneGen REMS
ToneGen for REMS Protocol Testing

Download the NeXGen™ CCURX Product Brief Here

Download the NeXGen™ CCURX User Manual Here


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