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The Telescada NeXGen Capacitor Control

A modern, powerful, dependable & economical solution for 2-Way wireless and local programmable Capacitor Control.

NeXGen™ CCU-462 Capacitor Control

NeXGen CCU-462
2-Way Wireless Capacitor Controller

NeXGen CCU-462

The Telescada NeXGen™ CCU-462 With Integrated Raveon M7 Digital Radio

The Telescada NeXGen™ CCU-462 Remote Wireless Capacitor Controller is a powerful, flexible and economical solution for 2-Way wireless distributed capacitor control, status monitoring and alarming. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 meets the needs of distribution engineers for the monitoring and control of new distribution capacitor banks or the upgrade of limited capability local controllers or one-way switches. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 provides users with a core of 8 configurable analog and 4 digital status inputs for monitoring. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 dedicated AC line voltage measurement input is accurate to +/- 1% @ 117VAC. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 can also transmit data from an IED (intelligent electronic device), or smart meter via its RS-232 serial communications link. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 communicates with distributed capacitor control SCADA programs via DNP3 or MODBUS protocols

A local maintenance port allows for direct interrogation and programming of the NeXGen™ CCU-462 using the NeXGen™ NGC Maintenance Utility Software. DNP3.0 standard communications protocol allows the NeXGen™ CCU-462 to communicate with any modern SCADA system. The NeXGen™ CCU-462 installs quickly into standard 4 or 6 stab meter sockets, or a utility pole bracket, with multiple wiring options. Complete NeXGen™ CCU-462 communications packages are available from Telescada.

NeXGen CCU-462 eBridge

The Telescada NeXGen™ CCU-462 With Integrated Silver Spring eBRIDGE

Analog Inputs

  • 6 (six) 0-5VDC Analog Inputs
  • 2 (two)V0-10VAC Analog Inputs
  • 1 (one) Dedicated Single Phase AC Line Voltage Input
  • Data and Event Recording on Each Channel

Digital Inputs

  • 4 (four) Optically Isolated Digital Inputs
  • Data and Event Recording on Each Channel

Capacitor Bank Control Relays

  • 2 (two) Integrated Relays
  •  30A Amps Resistive @ 240VAC
  • Configurable TRIP/CLOSE Timing
  • Configurable Safety Timer
  • Configurable Manual CLOSE Delay Timer
  • Digital Counter with Data Recording

Autonomous Control Functions

Programmable Voltage Overide

Programmable Time of Day Overide

Programable Temperature Overide

Programable Single Phase VAR Overide


  • 1 (one) Ethernet Port
  • 1 (one) RS-232/RS-485 IED Communications Port
  • 1 (one) RS-232 Local Communications/Maintenance and Configuration Port

Local Controls & Feedback Indicators

High Brightness External RED/GREEN State LED High Brightness External Fault LED Local TRIP/CLOSE Pushbuttons Local SCADA Lock-Out Switch Optional Mechanical Counter

Store and Forward Repeating-Routing

In Radio Communication Mode

120VAC Input Supply

8 x 8 x 4 NEMA 4X Enclosure

4 or 6 Stab Socket or Pole Mount Options



Telescada is Verizon Wireless® M2M Vertical Solutions Provider


Telescada is Silver Spring® Networks Global Partner


Telescada is Raveon Digital Radio Reseller / Integrator

Raveon Radio

Optional Integrated Communications Packages

Verizon™ Cellular

Silver Spring™ Networks eBridge

UHF/VHF Digital Radio

900MHz Digital Radio

Customer Specified Transceiver

Download the NeXGen™ CCU-462 Product Brief Here

Download the NeXGen™ CCU-462eBridge Product Brief Here

Download the NeXGen™ CCU-462 User Manual Here