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NeXGen™ RTU-8844 Remote Terminal Unit Product Page

NeXGen™ RTU-8844
emote Terminal Unit / Motor Operator Controller

NeXGen RTU-8844

The Telescada NeXGen™ RTU-8844 Remote Terminal Unit is a powerful, flexible an economical solution for distribution substation, feeder monitoring and motor operator automation, monitoring, alarming and control. Built upon a modular and expandable framework, the NeXGen™ RTU meets the needs of distribution engineers for the monitoring and control of new distribution facilities or the upgrade of existing ones

The NeXGen RTU’s flexible design provides users with an I/O core of 8 configurable analog inputs, 8 digital status inputs and 4 Control Outputs. The NeXGen™ RTU can be expanded to add additional I/O though the networking of additional NeXGen™ modules. The NeXGen™ is an addressable distributed RTU that can be quickly expanded to meet the specific requirements of the user In additional to configurable I/O the NeXGen™ RTU serves to consolidate and transmit data from a network of IEDs (intelligent electronic devices) via its RS-232/RS-485 serial communications links. Ethernet and RS-232 remote communications ports allow for remote data transmission via radio, dial-up, cellular or fiberoptic tranceivers

A local maintenance port allows for direct interrogation and programming of the NeXGen™ RTU using the NeXGen™ NGC Maintenance Utility Software. DNP3.0 standard communications protocol allows the NeXGen™ RTU to communicate with any modern SCADA system. The NeXGen™ RTU core’s small footprint allows for quick installation on distribution panels, or mounting within a wall mount or pole top enclosure. The NeXGen™ RTU supports multiple input voltages, and complete NeXGen™ RTU, power and communications packages are available from Telescada.

Analog Inputs

  • 8 (eight) User Configurable Analogs
  • +/- 5VDC, or 4-20mA
  • Data and Event Recording on Each Channel

Digital Inputs

  • 8 (eight) Optically Isolated Digital Status Inputs
  • LED Status Indicators for each Input
  • Data and Event Recording on Each Channel

Control Outputs

  • 2 (two) General Purpose Dry Contact Control Outputs
  • 2 (two) Integrated Form C (SPDT) Relays
  •  30A Amps Resistive @ 240VAC, 20A @ 28VDC
  • Programmable Timing


  • 1 (one) Ethernet Port
  • 2 (two) RS-232/RS-485 IED Communications Ports
  • 1 (one) RS-232 Local Communications/Maintenance and Configuration Port

Event Recording

  1. 24/7/365 Data Recording

Individual and Group Addressing

Store and Forward Repeating-Routing

  • In Radio Communication Mode

6 - 16VDC Input Supply

  • DNP3
  • MODUS RTU/ASCII 16 & 32 Bit
NeXGen RTU - 8844 Module, AC Input Supply, Communications, Battery Back-Up in a NEMA-4 Polycarbonate Hinged Pole/Wall Mount Enclosure

NeXGenRTU-8844 Packaged

Download the NeXGen™ RTU-8844 Product Brief Here