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Telescada sells our products directly and through a network of Professional Independent Manufacturers Representatives who are specialists in the Electric and Gas Utility Marketplaces.

Electric Transmission & Distribution Solutions

Substation Monitoring & Control, Load Management / Demand Response, Capacitor Bank Monitoring & Control, Line Voltage Monitoring & Measurement, Recloser Control, Transformer Monitoring, Motor Operator Control.

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) Software Solutions

Next Generation Distribution Management & Control (SCADA) Systems for Automated Load Management, Capacitor Control, AMI and More.


Telescada is an engineering and manufacturing company dedicated to the design, development and production of robust and dependable monitoring and control (SCADA) software and instrumentation for Electric, Water and Natural Gas Utilities.

Natural Gas Transmission & Distribution Solutions

District Regulator Monitoring Recording & Control, City Gate Station Monitoring & Control, Remote Valve Actuation & Control, Storage Field Pressure Monitoring,  Production Well Monitoring,  Cathodic Protection Rectifier Monitoring.

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                                                 Monitor, Alarm, Record, Communicate and Control

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Electric Transmission & Distribution

Substation Monitoring & Control,

Load Management / Demand Response,

Capacitor Bank Monitoring & Control

Line Voltage Monitoring & Measurement,

Recloser & Transformer Monitoring

Motor Operator Control




Gas Transmission & Distribution

District Regulator Pressure Monitoring

City Gate Station Monitoring & Control

Remote Valve Actuation & Control

Storage Field Pressure Monitoring

Production Well Monitoring

Cathodic Protection Rectifier Monitoring

Here For Support


Call us at any time to speak with a real live engineer, or contact us by e-mail for product information, quotations and/or product support. 781-562-0475

USA Made

Made In The USA

All Telescada instruments are designed, developed, manufactured and assembled with great care, quality and efficiency at our facilities in the United States of America.

Telescada Field Sales Contacts

For Electric Transmission & Distribution Click on the hyperlink below for a description of your local Field Sales Engineer and their contact information.
2019 Electric Rep Map
ESI - Energy Solutions, Inc.
MWS - MetroWest Electric Sales, Inc.
HV - HV Sales Company
TI - TESA Inc.
JCA - John Carter & Associates
PTP - Pro-Tech Power Sales
USA - Utility Sales Associates
VS - Viking Sales
MCE - McKaig Evergreen, Inc.
PPR - Pacific Power Reps

If you do not see what you need. Please pick up the phone and call us to speak with a real live engineer... 781-829-9228
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